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At Crystal Clean windows we provide a professional window cleaning service.

Need a regular window cleaning service that always turn up on time and will not let you down? Then we not give us a try? We offer more than just window cleaning so you can maintain your property saving you money in the long term.


We use our van with our own filtered purified water using water fed poles to give you crystal clean windows, every 4, 6 or 8 weeks.


Clean your fascias along with your windows or as a one off seperate from your regular window cleaning. Using our water fed pole system.


Clean outside of your gutters, as a seperate service we can also unblock your gutter system, recommended every 6 months.


Clean your conservatory windows and frames, can add the roof as an extra service. Another extra service will be to polish your frames,

Our Cleaning Methods

Water Fed Pole System

Using our own purified water with water fed poles we will safely and effectively clean your property even in most weather conditions. This is an industry recognised method not requiring the use of ladders reducing risk and avoiding injury.

If you are not 100% happy just get in touch within 24 hours and we will come back the following day and correct our work for free. This system is so good you will only need regular cleans every 4, 6 or 8 weeks depending on location so that is what we offer, if however you require more regular cleans then please let us know. If you are interested in just a one off clean we can still cater for that too.

Service Details

We will clean your windows and window frames every 4, 6 or 8 weeks using a water fed pole system using our own purified water to give crystal clean windows each time. If it is raining this doesn't have an effect on this service at all.

Please DO NOT DRY your windows after we have called as they will be left wet. This will dry naturally and because of the purified water no smears or marks will be left behind.

Fascias we can clean alongside your regular window cleaning service or simply as and when you require and priced separately. Again, using the water fed pole system this can be done from ground level and in most weather conditions.

No use of ladders required for this so no crashing, banging and no ladder marks on your property. This will dry naturally as with the window service.

If needed we can clean the outside of your guttering using the water fed pole system and purified water, these will also be left to dry naturally. No ladders required.

A further service is unblocking the guttering from ground level, if required I may have to use a ladder. Your gutters are recommended to be unblocked every 12 months. All blockage material taken away.

Conservatory windows and frames cleaned minus the roof as part of or separate to your regular window clean using water fed poles. Left to dry naturally.

Whole conservatory including the roof using water fed poles recommended every 12 months. Will be left wet to dry naturally. An extra service is to polish your conservatory frames after cleaning for that extra bit of detailing.

A service coming soon so please stay tuned.

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Our Pricing

All pricing will be done at your property with you in attendance as every household does vary. As you can see we cover more than just windows as part of our services. All quotes are free of charge, with public liability you can trust us.