Water fed pole system

Benefits and how it works

Why we use the water fed pole system

The benefits

Legislation limits the use of ladders stating that ladders should only be used when all viable safer alternatives have been considered. The water fed pole system fits in extremely well with this by managing risk and avoiding injury. With water fed poles we can also reach areas that a traditional window cleaner may not be able to clean.

By not using ladders you have increased privacy as everything is done from ground level. No ladder marks on your property, lawns or flower beds, no crashing and banging of ladders. We can clean in most weather conditions where a ladder can not, we also can clean your property a lot quicker than other methods.

How it works

How does it clean so well?

Using a brush designed for professional window cleaning on the end of a telescopic pole we can reach windows where other methods can not such as above conservatories. This is fed purified water from the tank inside our van through a hose connected to the brush head. But the real key to how this all works is purified water itself.

Purified water is tap water that has had all the contaminants removed using our 4 stage Reverse Osmosis and De-ionized filtration system. Using the brush to agitate the dirt on the windows with purified water which attracts dirt just like a magnet does with metal. We then rinse the area with only purified water washing off the dirt contained in the previous clean. This leaves clean purified water which will be left to dry naturally leaving no smears behind. This is because all contaminants have been removed that would leave water stains etc.

Using the water fed pole it's not just the windows that get cleaned, it is also the frames, sills and doors.


cleaning in the rain

We can clean in the rain as rainfall itelf is like purified water so this has no effect on our cleaning method! Water fed pole uses no chemicals but using traditional methods soap is used. This leaves behind a soapy or greasy film behind on the surface of the glass. When it rains this reacts with the thin layer causing dirty spots.

rain water on a window

Rain water and pureified water are almost the same in purity, rain water doesn't make windows dirty as it dries the same way as purified water leaving no smears. It's the likes of pollen, flies, dust and bird droppings that cause dirty windows. We are that confident that we offer a rain guarantee, if you are not happy with our clean tell us within 24 hours and we will correct it for free!

Using water fed poles we can also clean more than just windows, we can reach fascias, gutters, conservatory roofs, garage doors etc. This is by using the advantages of water fed poles which can clean up to 80ft!